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Bibianna Cavaliers and Finnish Lapphund

Rembered with love...... Phoebe and Gretel

Ingrid and Lacey
Proudly presenting Portia Piglet and Tally Anne!
Rembered with love...... Phoebe and Gretel
A little about the breed.....
Buying a Cavalier

Gretel is the matriach of the family and is 11 years old.  She has won many friends over the years with her wonderful, outgoing nature.  She is a gentle and much loved girl.
In her younger years she did me proud in the obedience ring, gaining her Companion Dog title.  She had one pass in the Open ring before retiring due to ill health. 
Sadly, Gretel left us in June 2006.  No more pain my old girl.  You brought so much love, joy and friends into my life and I shall always be grateful.  Rest gently now.


'Barakah Shelika'

Phoebe began my love of wholecolours!  She is a beautiful girl and has a fabulous temperament.  She has retired from the show ring but did have some success in her younger days.  Her outings these days are to Fun Days and Expos where she loves the attention.  Phoebe has always adored pups and has been a very loving and devoted mum to her own and other's babies.
I was heartbroken to lose Phoebe only two weeks after Gretel.  The girls had always been very close and Phoebe's health went downhill after Gretel died.  They are together again now and have left a huge hole in my heart and home.

Phoebe playing with Portia