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Bibianna Cavaliers and Finnish Lapphund

A little about the breed.....

Ingrid and Lacey
Proudly presenting Portia Piglet and Tally Anne!
Rembered with love...... Phoebe and Gretel
A little about the breed.....
Buying a Cavalier

 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a toy breed and weigh around 8 kilos.  They are a companion breed and thrive on being with their owners.  If you are after a pet to keep in the yard and have little time to spend with a dog the Cavalier is not the breed for you.  A lonely Cavalier will bark, dig and destroy things!  They are a house dog and want to be with you.    If you do need to leave your dog alone for some hours consider having two Cavaliers.  They are wonderful company for each other and will play and sleep together.  They also get along well with cats as long as they are brought up with them.

Bliss, Tansy and Phoebe relaxing

Exercise and Training
Cavaliers enjoy spending time with their family.  They love to go for a walk and many Cavaliers shine at obedience, agility and other dog sports.  Many are very food oriented and will do just about anything for a treat!  This does make training rather easier.  They respond well to positive reinforcement training such as clickers or food.
Care needs to be taken to make sure they do not get too fat.  They have a way of looking at people with those big, brown eyes that plead for a taste of whatever is on offer..... 

Coat Care
Their coat is not hard to care for.  Show dogs are shown completely untrimmed - but pets can be clipped if the owner wishes.   A bath in the laundry tub every week or two and a thorough brush and comb two or three times a week will keep them looking lovely.  A 'Mars Coat King' is a great grooming tool to strip out a thick coat in a pet.  If you put a snood on your dog before feeding him you will save getting food in his ears.  They get used to wearing them quite quickly - mine all gather around to 'get dressed' for dinner when they hear their food bowls rattling!  I make snoods out of polycotton that wash well.  Email me if you would like one.

A snood will keep your dogs ears clean while they eat.

Desexing your pup makes life much more pleasant for dog and owner. An entire male will want to lift his leg when out for walks and is more likely to do this in the home. If desexed young many boys never lift their leg. Desexing removes the chance of testicular cancer as he ages. An entire bitch will come into season regularly and make a mess on furniture and carpets and attract dogs from all over the neighbourhood! She is in danger of suffering pyometra as she ages and this is life threatening. Desexing a bitch at an early age has been linked to lowering the incidence of mammary cancer.

General Care

They need all the usual dog things such as worming, vaccinating, heartworm prevention and a good diet. Flea prevention is important. There are so many excellent products now there is no reason to let your dog suffer. Fleas are not only annoying for the dog but cause all sorts of skin problems. If you are in a tick area you will need to discuss preventitive measures with your vet as these nasties can kill!